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Welcome to Amakusa Matsushima Onsen Romankan

What the ancestors of Amakusa embraced and nurtured throughout the years...
... is the gratitude toward the rich sea that brings blessings to the island
A journey to encounter the treasures
born of the harmony between people and ocean

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Amakusa Matsushima is one of the three major pine-clad island of Japan. Romankan stands amidst some 120 large and small islands, the blue ocean, and the magnificent scenery of the five bridges.
The sunset seen from Amakusa Matsushima is so beautiful, it has been selected as one of the Japan Sunset Best 100.
The blue ocean shines in gold as the sun sets, and the shapes of the many islands stand out vividly.
Watching this ocean art manifested by the setting sun is a breath-taking moment.

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Kami-Amakusa is a historic stage
where people struggled
for peace and freedom.

During the early days of the Edo period, a legendary, mysterious boy of only 16 whose name was Amakusa Shiro led the religious Amakusa - Shimabara Rebellion. Kami-Amakusa is where the battle took place, and was Amakusa Shiro's home. There are associated sightseeing spots like Yushima Island and the Amakusa Shiro Memorial Hall.

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Maeshima Bridge (4th bridge)
The 1st of the Amakusa five bridges is called Temmon Bridge and serves as the main bridge connecting mainland Kyushu with the Amakusa islands. The 2nd to 5th of the Amakusa five bridges each has a different design and offers beautiful views.
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